Mendes de Almeida Fine Art Photography
Artist Statement

In it's essence, photography is an act of voyeurism. To catch reality by stealing it's light is an indiscretion made with sensibility. Recording an image transforms a transient ray of light into a permanent object that, by it's nature, may induce feelings or ideas that give a meaning to it's own existence. In this sense, photography should be shocking and provoke a reaction, must stimulate our sensibility and be free of any pre-determined concept of beauty.

Photography is fascinating because it allows to keep the moment an image impressed us, induced a thought, stayed in our memory, and thus entered our own individual culture. This gratifying record of life, so dear to photographers, is largely responsible for the effect induced in the observer. Through the image, photography induces interpretation and the remembering of similar experiences, in this way contributing to one's self enrichment.

Mendes de Almeida / 2006

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